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Pushing Forward with Grace

I remember the brown brick building. To me,  a small child it was so very huge. I also remember that we periodically had fire drills. We would all run outside, away from the building!. Or how about those tornado drills, where the loud noise would occur and we would all run to the locker rooms for safety!

This past week  my daughter’s teacher had to “delicately” speak to her class about the drill her school would be performing the next day. I also received an email updating me on this and an alert call (automatic call) from the principal explaining what would occur.

Lock Down Drill.

That’s what my first grader (six year old) daughter and her generation get to practice. Oh sure, they practice the fire and tornado drills too. But this one, it just makes me sick to my stomach that they have to have these types of…

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Christian Pacifism

Christian Pacifism.